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Sustainability Spotlight: Harshika Bisht

Sustainability Spotlight

Harshika Bisht will graduate from Harvard in 2023 with a Master’s in Design. Here, she speaks about her experience in sustainability at Harvard and what’s next.

What is your best memory working with the Office for Sustainability?

My best memories are of the meetings with the group and the conversations that came out of it. Seeing people with similar interests talk about recent field developments and what they were learning at Harvard was great.

What were the most inspiring sustainability topics you learned about at Harvard?

I was inspired by topics such as decarbonizing the built environment and the role of governance, technology, and building science in that space.

What are your plans for next year or the future more generally?

I will work with the city government to ensure new development projects in Boston are sustainable for the environment and the community.

What advice would you give to incoming students related to sustainability and climate (e.g., classes to take, groups to join, etc.)?

I recommend folks make the most out of student partnerships at Council of Student Sustainability Leaders. We have some incredible talent in the group. Stay updated about events through emails and stay engaged in decision-making at Harvard through these student groups.