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Harvard College

Get involved in environmental action on every level. Student groups offer opportunities to work on sustainability initiatives within the dorms and Houses, across the University, within Cambridge, and on state, federal, and even global levels. 

Research opportunities with fellow students and professors give you the chance to participate in groundbreaking science, policy, and economic studies. Additionally, the Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) invites speakers whose research leads the way in sustainable development. Through grants and fellowships, HUCE also supports research related to energy and the environment at every level. 

The Resource Efficiency Program (REP)

REP is a peer-to-peer behavioral change and sustainability accelerator that operates within the undergraduate houses and dorms.  REP operates primarily through a network of 20 student workers, known as REPs, that prioritize campaigns and projects aimed at supporting energy efficiency, water efficiency, and Harvard’s zero-waste initiative. In addition, REPs advocate for programmatic efforts such as recycling, swapping light bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs, and reducing food waste. The program also works with the administration to make facilities and operations more sustainable.