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How We Operate

Discover the ways we are operating sustainably

Harvard is accelerating new systems that enable healthier, low-carbon living—creating systems that can be scaled and adopted more broadly.


Harvard has created standards and guidance that focus on sustainable campus operations, including food and dining, landscaping, purchasing, and more. By developing new systems and practices, we are modeling sustainable operations that can lead to healthier, more equitable communities.

Graphic of pink plane with illustrations of transportation.

Taking a holistic approach

Value Chain

Harvard is addressing Scope 3 emissions, also known as value chain emissions, which are caused by activities such as construction, business travel, food, and purchasing.

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Graphic of an isometric plane that displays an aerial view of life at Harvard, highlighting which activities produce Scope 3 emissions (flights, construction, cloud storage, commuting, dining), as well as Scope 1 and 2 emissions (power sources on and off campus).


News & Events

Explore sustainability news at Harvard, as well as upcoming talks, webinars, conferences and other events on campus and beyond.

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