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SSA, Harvard Business School

Student Sustainability Associates

The Harvard Business School (HBS) Student Sustainability Associate Program, founded in 2006, is the school’s peer-to-peer education program that promotes sustainable behavior on and off campus. An SSA is hired from each RC section to connect with their classmates on how key sustainability topics impact business. These topics have included climate change, social equity, environmental justice, transportation, energy, food, and water. 

In addition to these campaigns, SSAs work in pairs or small groups to put together a proposal for sustainability infrastructure and policy improvements within HBS. Throughout the year, they will meet with stakeholders to build out their work, and they will present both their draft and their final project to School and University staff and faculty. 

Incoming first-year HBS students can apply to be a Student Sustainability Associate. Applications received by midnight on September 4, 2024 will be given priority. Email with any questions, and read blogs by former SSAs about their experiences Creating Meaningful Impact Right Here on Campus and Empowering Students, Enriching Communities.

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