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A holistic approach

Harvard’s Sustainability Action Plan

Accelerating the adoption of systems and practices that protect the climate and environment, advance a more equitable society, and promote the wellbeing of people.

Harvard’s Sustainability Action Plan is a high-level vision and framework that outlines how we will meet our sustainability mission.

Addressing Climate, Equity and Health

This Plan offers a holistic approach: Harvard is addressing climate change and the environment, equity and health in an integrated, interconnected way, rather than as separate issues.

Graphic illustration that is an arrow with areas shaded in for Climate, Health, and Equity under 'Harvard's Action'.
Graphic illustration that shows graphics and the following text: "How we power: Rethinking our energy systems," "How we build: Redefining how we design, build, and source materials," "How we operate: Reimagining the systems we use to support sustainable practices," and "How we lead: Generating new sustainable solutions--turning learning into action and scaling for global impact."

Together, we will reimagine and redefine how we power, how we build, how we operate, and how we lead.

Engaging the Harvard Community

We are engaging our faculty, students, and staff from across Harvard’s Schools, Institutes and Business Units—a community of more than 50,000 people—to continue to leverage our campus as a living laboratory where we invent, test, and validate new systems and practices. Beyond our campus, Harvard is tapping its more than 400,000 alumni to help scale this important work within business, government, and society.

This Sustainability Action Plan benefited from a robust stakeholder engagement process between 2020-2022, which included faculty, senior administrators, facilities and operations teams, student leaders, alumni, and external experts. View the list of stakeholders who contributed to the Sustainability Action Plan.

Harvard’s updated Sustainability Action Plan identifies priorities, strategies

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