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Sustainability Spotlight: Valentina Lagomarsino, PhD ’24

Sustainability Spotlight

Valentina Lagomarsino graduates in May 2024 with her PhD in Biological Biomedical Sciences. During her time at Harvard, Valentina became involved in campus sustainability groups and programs, including the Office for Sustainability’s Council for Student Sustainability Leaders (CSSL), where she has served as a member since 2022. Learn more about Valentina’s experience at Harvard.

What is your best memory working in sustainability at Harvard?

“My favorite memories during my time working on sustainability efforts were attending the weekly meetings with CSSL members. I loved having this weekly meeting to get inspired and energized by all the wonderful things happening on campus to help advance sustainability.”

“I led a team of CSSL members to work on a project to make biological research across the Longwood Medical Area campus more sustainable. I also served as Advocacy Chair and Co-President of Boston Children’s Hospital Greenlabs, a working group of scientists who share a passion in decreasing our carbon footprint in the lab.”

What were the most inspiring sustainability topics you learned about at Harvard?

“Technology used to construct new Harvard buildings (especially at the Allston campus!) in a sustainable way is incredible!”

What are your plans moving forward?

“I am hoping to do a science policy fellowship where I can use my PhD to advance policies on sustainability and environmental justice.”

What advice would you give to incoming students related to sustainability and climate (e.g., classes to take, groups to join, etc.)?

“Join CSSL! It is a wonderful community, and it is great to meet a lot of like-minded folks across the University and College who are working to make Harvard more sustainable. And David Havelick is great!”