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Sustainability Spotlight: McKenzie Wilkins, MTS ’24

Sustainability Spotlight

McKenzie Wilkins is graduating from Harvard Divinity School in May 2024 with her Master’s of Theological Studies (MTS) focusing on Organizational Behavior and Ethics. During her time at Harvard, McKenzie became involved in campus sustainability initiatives and programs, including the Office for Sustainability’s Council for Student Sustainability Leaders (CSSL). Learn more about McKenzie’s experience at Harvard.

How are you involved in working with the Office for Sustainability?

“I have had the pleasure of being involved with CSSL since my first semester at Harvard for a total of two years now. My co-partner and I, Carolina Mendonca, have been working on putting together a low/zero-waste map for Harvard students looking to shop at businesses in Boston and Cambridge committed to reducing waste.”

What is your best memory working in sustainability at Harvard?

“My best memory is definitely the field trips we hosted, which were funded by a grant that the Harvard Office for Sustainability awarded us. We took students to a variety of locations on our low/zero-waste map, where we heard from Chief Executive Officers who shared their strategies for reducing waste.”

What other sustainability-related experiences did you have on campus or beyond during your time at Harvard?

“I have enjoyed taking a multitude of classes at Harvard Divinity Schools that focused on the spiritual and emotional side of environmental protection. Special thanks to Terry Tempest Williams, Writer-in-Residence at HDS, who taught a fantastic class on wildlife preservation and supervised my independent study! I am also deeply grateful to Dr. Chris Robichaud and Dr. Diana Eck for mentoring me and encouraging me to explore my interest in environmental justice through a wide arrange of interdisciplinary research.”

What are your plans moving forward?

“My future plans include research and applying for PhDs in Organizational Behavior with a concentration in sustainability.”

What advice would you give to incoming students related to sustainability and climate (e.g., classes to take, groups to join, etc.)?

“Check out our low/zero-waste sustainability map! I also highly recommend taking classes on the environmental crisis at Harvard Divinity School if you have the opportunity since it allows you to delve deeply into the emotional aspects of climate change as well as the factual. Thanks so much, Office for Sustainability, for such an enriching two years!”