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Sustainability Spotlight: Palak Gupta, MAUD ’24

Sustainability Spotlight

Palak Gupta will graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in May 2024 with her Master’s of Architecture in Urban Design. During her time at Harvard, Palak participated in campus sustainability initiatives and programs such as the Harvard Office for Sustainability’s Council of Student Sustainability Leaders (CSSL), where she has served as a member since 2022. Learn more about Palak’s experience at Harvard.

What is your best memory working in sustainability at Harvard?

“One of my most cherished memories is the opportunity to participate in events and gatherings where I’ve met such inspiring individuals from incredibly diverse backgrounds. Collaborating with such a dynamic and passionate community has been quite an enriching experience, which has led me to make some close friends and connections that I am truly grateful for.”

What other sustainability-related experiences did you have on campus or beyond during your time at Harvard?

“As an architect and a graduate student at the design school, I found it incredibly enriching to explore sustainability and climate action through different academic lenses. Beyond my classes at the GSD, I took advantage of interdisciplinary courses focusing on climate technology, sciences, and negotiation in climate action. This allowed me to gain a more comprehensive understanding of sustainability and also provided valuable opportunities to connect with peers from diverse backgrounds and learn from their unique perspectives.”

What advice would you give to incoming students related to sustainability and climate (e.g., classes to take, groups to join, etc.)?

“When it comes to sustainability and climate action, I would like to think of it as a journey – a chance to make a difference in the world while discovering more about yourself. Great steps would be to explore classes, cross-registering at different Schools that delve into environmental issues, and connect with student groups dedicated to making a positive impact on campus. Harvard is a place full of opportunities and resources: follow your heart, and let your journey be filled with warmth, inspiration, and endless possibilities!”