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REP Programming

Students who serve as Representatives of REP actively involve their fellow peers in engaging events, competitions, and campaigns that provide valuable knowledge on a wide range of topics, including energy conservation and food sustainability. To explore the various initiatives undertaken by the Resource Efficiency Program, from winterization efforts to the exciting Green Cup competition, we invite you to read our REP programming page.

Green Cup Competition

  • The Green Cup is an annual sustainability competition among House and Yard communities, providing a chance to secure $500 in funding.
  • House members’ active participation in REP programming is recorded and assessed throughout the academic year, with evaluations conducted at the end of each campaign.
  • Houses earn points for the Green Cup based on their level of engagement with the community.
  • At the end of the semester, the House with the highest number of points emerges as the winner.
  • REPs play a crucial role in motivating their peers to participate in REP activities, thereby improving their House’s position in the Green Cup competition.
The image displays a former REP of Kirkland House holding the Green Cup trophy that they helped win for their house throughout the 2021-2022 academic year.


  • The Winterization campaign aims to educate students on the necessary steps to “winterize” their dorms before departing for break, ensuring they are prepared for winter conditions.
  • These steps include important practices like turning off the heat and disconnecting appliances to conserve energy and promote sustainability.
  • Proper winterization is crucial for campus sustainability as it helps mitigate potential energy inefficiencies resulting from students hastily leaving their dorms during the holiday season.
Student at a winterization tabling

Learning Opportunities

  • REPs actively engage in skill development through a diverse range of learning opportunities.
  • One such opportunity includes attending conferences and participating in waste audits, where REPs can gain insights and knowledge on sustainability practices and initiatives.
  • Additionally, REPs have access to a wide range of skill-building activities and workshops that help them develop leadership, communication, and project management skills.
  • These learning opportunities equip REPs with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively promote sustainability within their communities.
This image displays a group of REPs at a waste audit.


Questions? Contact Kendyl Churchman (she/her), the Resource Efficiency Program (REP) Manager at FAS, at