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Zach Denny

Student Sustainability Associate (SSA) Program

Section K, MBA 2024


From Iowa, I moved to New York after undergrad to work in restructuring at a large U.S. bank. I covered several oil and gas companies – truly fascinating businesses – which sparked my interest in sustainability. A role on the firm’s Sustainability Strategy team arose, so I joined that team and spent my time thinking about banking’s role in addressing climate change. The combination of these roles proved to me that my passion is leveraging large sums of capital to rapidly scale and deploy technologies that can make a more sustainable world.

My vision for a sustainable future

A sustainable economy must work within the constrained resources the globe has to offer. That goes beyond net zero carbon emissions and speaks to the importance of demand reduction, a circular economy, and international cooperation. Put simply, we must live within our means – a concept that is contrary to the current consumption patterns of developed countries. Capitalism has a role to play in helping us arrive at that destination through consumers demanding higher quality, longer lasting products with minimal-to-no environmental impact and corporations and governments recognizing that a wealthier, sustainable, and more efficient economy is beneficial to all parties.

Favorite Green Tip

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – They’re listed in order.