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Valeria Tiberi

Student Sustainability Associate (SSA) Program

Section A, MBA 2024


I’m originally from Italy, a small country with a great naturalistic heritage. Since a very young age, I used to spend time outdoors, camping and hiking with my family and friends. During my university, I spent a month in a road trip across South America. I felt small, in that beautiful and untainted land and, too often, I found myself wondering how long would that last. After graduation, I spent 3 years working at Bain & Company mainly on Energy projects, where I witnessed firsthand the challenges companies face to advance the Energy Transition and integrate ESG strategy in their daily operations. After HBS, I’m looking forward to fostering public-private partnerships to catalyze change and financing inclusive solutions against climate change.

My vision for a sustainable future

I envision a future where governments, corporations, academia and civil society are willing to collaborate and leverage a new “citizen-centric” approach to promote sustainable and equitable actions to tackle promptly the current climate change crisis.

Favorite Green Tip

Keep track of your “digital carbon footprint”. Email more mindfully, unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read and regularly delete old emails – your inbox (and the planet) will be thankful!