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Tommaso Ruggeri

Student Sustainability Associate (SSA) Program

Section D, MBA 2024


Born and raised in a rural Italian village, I came to HBS after five years at Ferrero. As the company’s youngest Head of Sustainability, I built the global end-to-end Net Zero strategy, developed AI/satellite technologies to mitigate climate change, and led public-private partnerships with the United Nations and USAID. Over the last five years, as founder and startup mentor, I managed a network of sustainable early-stage companies, climate-tech VCs, and research centers across the US, EU, and Asia, to shape tomorrow’s agriculture technology, metabolic response, and eco-friendly packaging.

My vision for a sustainable future

Sustainability has the great, unexpressed potential of simultaneously driving profitability, operational improvement, marketing success, and business development. I envision a future in which all private companies will realize it and commit to aligning purpose and profit in their business strategies. Fighting greenwashing and creating a virtuous cycle of shared value for all stakeholders (governments, NGOs, and communities, amongst others) are the fundamental steps to drive an effective, long-lasting fight for climate.

Favorite Green Tip

Veganize your favorite dish! Today’s plant-based food offers improved nutritional labels while reducing 73% of GHG emissions. Explore the vegan aisle at your grocery store and experiment to recreate home-style recipes at a reduced cost for the Planet. You’ll love it; the Planet will too!