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Tatiana Novaes Theoto

Student Sustainability Associate (SSA) Program

Section I, MBA 2023


I grew up on a farm in the city of Jundiai, Brazil. Despite being only 40 miles from São Paulo, the world’s 4th largest city, my family and I fished, raised animals, grew our own food, and had strong ties with nature. After completing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, I moved to Germany where I finished my masters and worked in the broader urban mobility space. Eventually, I pivoted to Management Consulting, focusing on ESG and Compliance projects. I helped clients translate regulatory requirements into internal processes and policies and, more importantly, how make ESG part of their long-term strategy.

My vision for a sustainable future

Climate change fundamentally questions the development paradigm from the last centuries, showing us the flip side of indefinite growth. Companies, governments, and society at large should work together and drive resource-efficient production processes, rethink our economic system and growth metrics, and reduce the impact on our (finite) natural resources.

Favorite Green Tip

Eat delicious food AND fight food waste at the same time?  “Too Good to Go” connects customers to restaurants and supermarkets with surplus food, offering high-quality meals at a fraction of the original price. There are multiple offerings in Cambridge and Boston – so check it out!