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Susan Bottino

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Sustainability Manager

Susan Bottino joined the Office for Sustainability in 2023. She works to propose, develop, and execute sustainability initiatives at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard. She is responsible for leading engagement programs, managing projects, building resources, networking, and benchmarking progress to address climate, health, and equity in alignment with the Harvard University Sustainability Action Plan. 

Sue has worked on a variety of sustainability issues including the economic impact of salinity in the Great Salt Lake, solar installations in Utah and MA, climate resilience, a renewable energy tax credit program for homeowners, endangered species protection funding, textile recycling, water resource management, and sustainable agriculture. She has been a policy analyst at a think tank and in state government, a nonprofit executive director for a community farm, a legislative liaison, a research analyst, and a volunteer working on environmental projects in her community. Her favorite part of any role is making connections with and between others to increase the positive impact that people can have by working together.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Economics with a concentration in Public Policy from Tulane University and a Master of Science in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from the University of Rhode Island.

When she is not reading or learning about environmental issues, Sue enjoys being near the ocean, exploring antique shops, and visiting bookstores.