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Ryan Boyd

Student Sustainability Associate (SSA) Program

Section B, MBA 2024


I’m originally from the Midwest, where I studied biology and business, learning that I had a passion for applying innovative technology to deeply impactful issues related to healthcare and the environment. After graduating, I worked as a management consultant for four years, where I learned to help companies build new, deep technologies in the healthcare and digital spaces. After this, I worked at a biotech start-up, leading a team to help build a new business unit focused on leveraging genomic data and AI to improve pharmaceutical research & development. I am interested in applying biotechnology, digital, and analytics principles to creating innovative, sustainable technologies in the agricultural and climate industries.

My vision for a sustainable future

A sustainable future is one where our global society has successfully completed an economically viable clean energy transition. This will require significant coordination from governments, corporations, consumers, and innovators. A sustainable future is also one which prioritizes elimination of waste in our agricultural and food systems. In this future, food is produced in close proximity to its end markets through the use of sustainable and financially viable urban and vertical farming infrastructure.

Favorite Green Tip

Shopping for clothes at consignment/reuse stores is a great way to help the environment while also finding hidden deals.