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Navin Durbhakula

Council of Student Sustainability Leaders

PCS Student Member

Navin Durbhakula is a junior at Harvard College with a special concentration in Sustainable Food and Health Systems. This past summer, he served as an intern in the Office of the Surgeon General under Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy. At Harvard, he recently served on the Presidential Committee of Sustainability, is a Food Literacy Project Fellow, and led the “Food Emissions Reduction Project” for CSSL. He also serves as the co-founder and co-president of Harvard Undergraduate Plant Futures, an organization leading programming, campaigns, and recruiting for the alt protein movement. He is also an avid public speaker and has amassed over 350,000+ views on his speaking engagements around the world. He has represented youth at climate conferences hosted by the World Bank and UN and was personally invited by the Biden-Harris Administration to attend the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health.