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Michelle Kim

Council of Student Sustainability Leaders


Michelle Kim (she/her) is a sustainability educator and practitioner for the past eight years, working at international, academic and community levels. She works as the Manager of Student Development at the University of Alberta SU, overseeing programs around sustainability, leadership, First Nations Metis and Inuit Initiatives, and many other programs. Michelle also volunteers as director of sustainability and strategy with JIVAM foundation India working on rural girls education and sustainability. She is also the Executive Director at education college working on global education and sustainability learnings for youth and young adults.

For her education, she completed her BSc in biology and chemistry with certificates in international learning, sustainability, and Global Citizenship at the University of Alberta. She is currently in her last year of her Master’s degree and completed Certificate in Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Policy & international development.

Her dedication to sustainability work is rooted in her growing up and learning in four different countries, including South Korea, the Philippines, Canada, and the United States. She experienced various levels of inequalities, leading her desire to create change within her communities. She strongly believes, “No one can help everyone/everything, but everyone can help someone/something”. Feel free to talk to Michelle about UN SDGs, Sustainability Education, ESG/Climate Program development, Youth Engagement, Green Energy and more!