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McKenzie Wilkins

Council of Student Sustainability Leaders


Harvard Divinity School, ’24

McKenzie Wilkins is a MTS student at Harvard Divinity School where she is concentrating in Religion, Ethics, and Politics. Her interests revolve around transforming organizational cultures into value-centric entities with a focus on fostering ethical leadership. As an advocate for corporate social responsibility, she underscores the vital importance of climate justice as an integral part of a sustainable business ethos. She is also passionate about facilitating community cooperation to tackle the environmental crisis. 

McKenzie witnessed first-hand the transformative power of uniting institutions for a common cause during her time at Oxford University. As a leading contributor to the Green Church Challenge, she along with her peers mobilized the three most popular student churches in Oxford to divest from fossil fuels, declare a climate state of emergency, and educate their congregations about the severity of the climate crisis through the introduction of a dedicated ‘Climate Sunday’.