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Max Israelit

Student Sustainability Associates (SSA)

MBA 2025, Section H

I was born here in Boston but spent most of my life in San Francisco. I fell in love with the beautiful landscapes of California and went to college to become a conservation biologist. After graduating, I switched career tracks and entered the corporate sustainability industry as a Manager of Analytics for an environmental commodity trader. Buying and selling carbon offsets and renewable energy credits gave me first-hand insight into the ways businesses are measuring and addressing their carbon footprints. These sustainability tools are a source of inspiration to me because they exemplify the type of pragmatic solutions we will need to combat climate change.  

My vision for a sustainable future: Businesses are incredible engines for driving change in the world and I see them as key stakeholders in any sustainable future. The world will need to develop science-backed solutions that take advantage of emerging technologies like battery science and green transportation, all while empowering corporations and individuals to take action. The net-zero environmental successes we strive for in the future can only be attained through innovation and strategic implementation guided by a new generation of sustainability leaders.  

Favorite Green Tip: It’s hard to recycle plastic that has lots of food waste on it and waste can often ruin a whole bin; a quick rinse before you toss it will go a long way.