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Manav Bansal

Council of Student Sustainability Leaders


Manav Bansal is a third-year student at Eliot who plans to pursue a concentration in Environmental Science and Engineering with a possible secondary focus in Chemistry or Astrophysics. He is from Long Island, NY, where he witnessed the drastic effects of extreme weather damage caused by Hurricanes Sandy and Irene. Watching many of his neighboring towns flood relentlessly, he developed an interest in understanding how rising sea levels and the climate crisis as a whole will impact future generations. His particular passion lies in the intersection of the climate crisis and social inequity. He’s keen on delving into topics such as climate refugees, aiming to ensure that solutions aimed at mitigating carbon emissions are equitable and consider those who are disproportionately affected, so they aren’t left behind. During this summer, Manav devoted his time to working with a UN startup called SustainChain. This startup operates as a software development platform, striving to connect investors, innovators, and policymakers within the sustainability sector, all aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At CSSL, Manav aspires to cast a brighter light on this intersection and explore how Harvard can reduce its carbon footprint in a sustainable manner, while also tackling the ongoing issue of equity. He eagerly anticipates collaborating with like-minded peers on the council and looks forward to gaining new experiences in the field of sustainability.