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Fang Chen

Student Sustainability Associate (SSA) Program

Section J, MBA 2024


I grew up in China, studied economics at Renmin University of China and management at Duke University. During my time working as product manager in automobile industry, I realized how important it was to incorporate sustainability principles into product development and corporate operations. Before Covid, I lived in Gothenburg, Sweden, one of the most sustainable cities, and saw it as an exemplar to follow for many parts of the world. I am excited to join the SSA group and look forward to working together with other SSAs.

My vision for a sustainable future

I envision a future where we do not need to rely on fossil fuels. Net zero targets are met in most industries. Clean energy will be easily accessible and widely used in our daily lives.  People improve their life standards without adding burden to our planet.

Favorite Green Tip

Choose public transportation or ride a Bluebike if you can. Cars and planes just emit too much CO2.