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Danielle Mitalipov

Student Sustainability Associates (SSA)

MBA 2025, Section J

After receiving my bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Stanford University, I worked at McKinsey for two years primarily serving retail and fashion clients. Most recently, I was a head of merchandising at adidas for a major sports apparel company, and saw first-hand the challenges, as well as the exciting opportunities, that fashion supply chains face as part of the green transition. At HBS, I want to be a part of driving this sustainable change, and the clean energy transition as a whole.  

My vision for a sustainable future: I envision a future where advances in clean technology, and their resulting adoption, make renewable energy not only the most ethical source of power, but also the most efficient and cost-effective one. At the same time, until these advancements are realized, I envision a world in which corporations and consumers commit to sustainable action to decrease their carbon footprint and prevent the devastating impacts of climate change that are already visible across the world.  

Favorite Green Tip: Don’t fall victim to trends of overconsumption! Buy higher quality, more sustainable goods that will last more often instead of trendy items, and consider green alternatives such as rental clothing subscriptions and travel services that help minimize your carbon footprint (especially during all that MBA travel!)