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Cory Beizer

Resource Efficiency Program

Dunster House

Cory comes from the Bay Area in California, where his love for backpacking trips, the beach, and avocados were born. In the summer, he likes to play in the garden and watch things grow, while in the winter, you can find him curling up underneath a fluffy blanket reading a good book. Cory is way too old to still like Pokémon and though he’s vegan, he does get a Palmier every Monday from a local bakery (Tatte…) because they’re so good. Cory dances hip-hop, knows nothing about sports, watches too much Real Housewives, and desperately wants to attend dinner parties. They study English and Environmental Science and hope one day to write stories about climate futures that are positive and based on solutions and technologies that exist. Cory is recklessly optimistic about the future and is excited to be a part of positive change.