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Carter Umetsu

Student Sustainability Associates (SSA)

MBA 2025, Section G

I grew up on the island of Maui, where the impacts of climate change were visible on a daily basis. From the coastal erosion to the coral bleaching, I could see the threat of climate change all around me. I reflected on this reality throughout my time in undergrad at Washington University in St. Louis where I partnered with the residence halls on campus to promote sustainability initiatives, and while working in HR at Capital One where I helped to scale our climate science team. I hope to continue this work while at HBS and beyond. 

My vision for a sustainable future: I hope to see a world where everyone feels both an individual and collective responsibility to care for our planet. Sustainable choices will be the default, and organizations are intentional about building the future of our planet. I envision these sustainable choices being reflected in business operations, where successful organizations have aligned their business models with sustainable business decisions, and consumers are educated and enabled to support such organizations. 

Favorite Green Tip: Explore your local thrift stores! Thrift stores are like treasure troves – you can find vintage fashion, retro decor, and items with history, all while reducing waste!