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Cara Yu

Council of Student Sustainability Leaders


College, ’25

Cara Yu is a junior in Winthrop House studying Economics and Environmental Science and Public Policy. Her academic studies are driven by her interest in exploring how policy and the private market interact. Specifically, Cara is fascinated by the potential for well-designed policies to align corporate interests with positive climate outcomes.

Last summer, Cara interned at Qcells, where she learned about the pivotal role policy plays in accelerating the adoption of solar energy. This experience ignited her passion for using policy as a driving force for positive change in sustainability. In the past, she has also worked in ESG consulting, impact investing, and at NGOs dedicated to climate adaptation. 

Cara is passionate about promoting equity in fresh food access. Working closely with the Jane Goodall Fund, she created student-led community gardens. These gardens not only teach students about sustainable farming practices but also contribute to the community by supplying produce to local fridges and food banks. In her free time, Cara enjoys playing badminton, growing her plant collection, and making kombucha!