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Anne Sargent

Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Real Estate

Sustainability Program Manager

Anne Sargent manages the sustainability programs for the Graduate School of Education and for Harvard Real Estate and has been with the Office for Sustainability since 2012, when she began as the Law School Sustainability Manager.  Anne got started as a campus sustainability organizer and educator while working at the Harvard-affiliated Laspau (a non-profit dedicated to building knowledge-based societies across the Americas), where she co-founded the organization’s Green Team and led the office to become a certified Harvard Green Office.  

Anne brings an intercultural and liberal arts lens to her work at engaging our community in Harvard’s sustainability commitments and coaching students and staff on their grassroots projects that push the needle further ahead as we collectively confront the global climate crisis.  She began her career working with international students and teaching English overseas—first as a volunteer instructor in Argentina and then as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Italy—and through those experiences developed an appreciation for just how small and interconnected our planet is.  Anne has an Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cornell University.  When not working, Anne enjoys growing alongside her son, daughter and husband, the perspective gained from keeping up with friends and family around the globe and getting outdoors every day.