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LEED Case Study: 2 Grant Street – HUH

Case Studies
2 Grant Street - HUH
LEED Rating System:LEED for Homes
LEED Rating Version:2.0
Certification Level:Platinum
Month Completed:5
Year Completed:2009
Client (School/Department):HUH

Project Highlights

  • First Harvard Platinum LEED for Homes project
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to keep air fresh without wasting energy
  • Domestic water consumption reduced by 40%
  • Landscaping that requires no irrigation
  • Less than 10% of framing materials wasted

Project Summary

In May, 2009, 2 Grant St became Harvard’s first LEED Platinum residential house. The house itself was originally constructed in 1867, and is considered a historic structure. In 2008, the house was relocated and now sits partly above the underground parking garage of the neighboring residence hall 5 Cowperthwaite. Following this move, the house underwent a complete renovation that maintained the house’s historic aspect while revitalizing the space and transforming it into a model of sustainability.

One of the most important environmental aspects of the house is its size. This 2 bedroom single family house has only 1,000 sq ft of floor space, and sits on lot that is only 3/100ths of an acre (1,307 sq ft). This small size reduced the amount of materials needed during the renovation, and reduces the amount of energy needed to heat, cool, and power the space.