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Heating 101: Basic Heating Information

Resource Efficiency Program (REP)

The REP Heating 101 Campaign runs from: Oct 29- Nov 19, 2023.

Get cozy and read up on how to stay comfortable and save energy using the heating system in your dorm! See our resources below to:

  • Understand and adjust the heating system in your House or Dorm
  • Learn a few tips on being energy-conscious and maximize efficacy
  • Effortlessly submit work orders
A PDF Flyer with the title: Heating 101: General Tips and Tricks
Top section: a QR code to a typeform saying: How do I work the heating in my room? Scan to follow our online heating guide!
Bottom section 1: Title: Maximize Insulation Effectiveness
Content: Consider closing interior windows securely and exterior storm windows when you have your heating turned on. Remove clothes, belongings and furniture that’s in front of or on top of your heater or heat vents. 
Bottom section 2: Title: Having Problems with Heating?
Content: Submit a work order with PRESTO. 
They can help repair broken heating knobs, issues closing storm windows, and rooms that are still too hot or cold.
Bottom section 3: Title: Environmental Consciousness
Content: When you leave, turn your heating down to the coolest setting and turn off fans and lights.
 Figure out the best setting (try the middle setting, rather than toggling from high to low).
Only air out your room when you have turned off your heating supply.
Online Heating Guide Link, PRESTO Work Order Link

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