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The centerpiece of Harvard’s climate- and sustainability-focused research, teaching, and engagement is the Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability.  

Launched in fall 2022 with a $200 million gift from Melanie and Jean Salata, the Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability serves as a fulcrum for collaboration across Harvard’s many areas of expertise, pursuing practical, real-world solutions that address all aspects of the climate crisis.  

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Goal of the Salata Institute: 

The mission of the Salata Institute is to develop and promote durable, effective, and equitable solutions to the climate change challenges confronting humanity. The Institute has launched several new, University-wide initiatives in service of this mission, including six faculty-led, interdisciplinary Climate Research Clusters seeking to produce useful and practical climate solutions.  

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Student Hub at the Salata Institute

The Salata Institute aims to ensure that a Harvard education prepares students for leadership in confronting present and future climate and related environmental challenges. Through programs and activities developed in coordination with Harvard’s schools, students have opportunities to contribute to society today, to learn skills valuable after they graduate, and to develop connections in the professional world of climate, environment, and sustainability.

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Experts from Harvard and around the world embark on ambitious interdisciplinary projects as recipients of Salata grants.

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